Windows 7: Biztonsági mentés rendszergazdai jogok nélkül

Windows 7: Biztonsági mentés rendszergazdai jogok nélkül

  • How often she wants to save copies of her files: A user can change backup frequency to anywhere from 10 minutes to 24 hours. Higher frequency offers better protection, but consumes more disk space.
  • How long to keep saved versions: A user can store earlier versions forever or as little as one month. This setting is useful when the File History drive fills up too fast. The user can slow the rate by reducing the time he stores earlier versions.
  • Changing the size of the local cache: File History uses a small amount of space on the local drive to store versions of files while the File History target drive isn’t available. If the user creates many versions of files while disconnected or stays disconnected for longer periods of time, he might need to reserve more space on the local drive to keep all versions. The versions stored in the local cache are flushed to the external drive when it becomes available again.
  • Excluding folders he doesn’t want to back up: Some folders might contain large files don’t need protection because they can be easily recreated (like downloaded high-definition movies or podcasts). These files would quickly consume all of the File History drive capacity. This setting lets you exclude such folders.
  • Recommend a drive to other HomeGroup members on the home network: This setting is covered in more detail in the File History and HomeGroup section later in the article.
  • Access the File History event log: The event log contains records of events that might be useful while troubleshooting File History. It may be particularly useful if the user wants to identify files that File History couldn’t access for any reason.

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