Dale Chase: Typedef

Out Now! The New Album – Typedef

here’s the try the catch won’t miss
what object set with a style like this
that laidback cat how I’m defined
good luck reverse engineering the design

It’s the method returning the beat constructor
translate the bass like your preprocessor
some tried to struct their rhymes with my data
but never triple equal to the smoother operator

ping this applet to see if she’s live yet
see how the cycle gets and keep that private
Do for each cutie in the pool
and their bfs trying to bench mark my cool

try and instantiate it
get deallocated by the never deprecated
punctuated to make a statement
trying hard to evaluate it save it – it’s typedef

buffer. I hardly know her
back in the stack it’s the global string flower
encapsulated as a local hero,
crashing your function like dividing by zero

buggin out on the joint, you can’t patch it
not in my class so why the public static
couldn’t believe the garbage they release
while my rhymes keep value like tuple keys

If you’re nice with the slice, then raise your index
Next step to it, scope how it connects
and underscore like your variable name
how see through these lames like a wireframes

here’s a pointer to process child
never exclaim you could override my style
obfuscate beats the craziest
check the .profile for the alias

Try to insert a break wanna come press my image
but I flip loops infinite  we ain’t finished
overloading ears with the parenthetical
cause I’m like precise to the ninth decimal

the ux meastro passed every test
still question me like an api request
Importing what you require that’s how I code songs
traceback the raw track tag it like Json


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