Windows 8: DVD készítés


If you are making a NTSC 4:3 menu background then use 720×480.
If you are making a NTSC 16:9 menu background then use 856×480.

If you are making a PAL 4:3 menu background then use 720×576.
If you are making a PAL 16:9 menu background then use 1027×576


DVD író programok



DVDStyler feljavítása:

Ha  Application provided invalid, non monotonically increasing dts to muxer in stream hibaüzenetet kapunk:

When I did a Google search on this it led me to a series of trouble tickets for ffmpeg (note: DVDstyler “avconv.exe” is really just a version of “ffmpeg.exe”) going back about several months.  I didn’t follow all the ins and outs of the problem, but it seems to be bug in one of the library routines used by ffmpeg.  I solved the problem by downloading a more recent version of ffmpeg from this site:

I’m not at home right now and don’t have access to my desktop setup I normally use to edit movies with but I recall downloading a recent static version of ffmpeg from the site noted above.  A static ffmpeg has advantages — it is one large file with all the appropriate library routines compiled into it.  I simply renamed the “avconv.exe” that came with DVDstyler version 2.3 to “avconv_original.exe” and then rename the static “ffmpeg.exe” to “avconv.exe” and then DVDstyler generated the DVD file system and the final iso file. Forrás


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